7 HR Functions that Should Be Automated to Achieve Business Efficiency

Top HR functions to automate to enhance your enterprise efficiency.

Let’s be honest, some HR functions or tasks are just…soul-sucking.  Paperwork, repetitive data entry, chasing down approvals…wouldn’t you rather strategize on how to build an awesome workplace?  Automation is your friend!  Let’s dive into the HR functions that are begging for a digital upgrade and how it’ll benefit your whole business.

Below Are the 7 HR Functions That Your Enterprise Is Missing!

Function #1: Onboarding (First Impressions Matter!)

A disorganized onboarding process sets a bad tone. Automation makes it smooth sailing:

  • Welcome Packets 2.0: Digitize forms, policies, and company info. New hires can access everything via a secure portal.
  • Automated Reminders: No more sticky notes! The software sends reminders for paperwork deadlines, training dates, etc.
  • E-signatures FTW: Do contracts really need to be printed, signed, or scanned? E-signatures are faster and better for the planet.

Why It Matters: Great onboarding boosts retention. Instead of from hell, new hires feel valued from day one.


Function #2: Time & Attendance Tracking (The Excel Nightmare)

Spreadsheets are not your friend here. Automate and reap the rewards:

  • Punch-in, Punch-out, Done: Whether via app or kiosk, employees clocking in/out is centralized, removing manual data entry.
  • Overtime Spotter: Rules are set, software flags potential overtime issues before they blow up your budget.
  • PTO Peace of Mind: Employees see their balances in real time, managers approve requests in a few clicks. Less confusion, less drama.

Why It Matters:  Accurate time data = accurate payroll = happy employees.  Plus, you can spot staffing shortage patterns early.


Function #3: Payroll (Mistakes Are NOT An Option)

Even small payroll errors erode trust. Automation minimizes the “oops” factor:

  • Integrate It: Hours tracked feed directly into payroll. Deductions are auto-calculated, reducing human error potential.
  • Compliance Helper: Software can be updated with tax law changes. One less thing for your already busy HR brain to track.
  • Payslips On Demand: Secure portal lets employees access payslips whenever they need, cutting down on HR requests.

Why It Matters: People work to get paid. Mess this up, it impacts everything. Automation means less stress for you and accurate pay for them.

Function #4: Performance Reviews (Ditch the Dread)

Annual reviews are often stressful for everyone. Tech can ease the pain:

  • Continuous Feedback: Platforms allow for feedback throughout the year, making reviews less of a shock, and more constructive.
  • Goal Tracking: Did they hit those targets set way back when? The software keeps track, adding context to the conversation.
  • 360 Degree Input: Collect feedback from peers, not just the manager. Gives a more rounded view of performance.

Why It Matters: People crave feedback! Regular check-ins avoid demotivating surprises and help with timely course corrections.

Function #5: Benefits Administration (Open Enrollment Chaos)

Choosing benefits shouldn’t feel like a confusing quest. Automation helps:

  • Digital Enrollment: Forget the paper forms! Employees compare plans, make selections, and update info within your platform.
  • Clear Comparisons: Well-designed software helps people understand their options and choose what’s best for them.
  • Deadline Wizards: Automated reminders and prompts reduce those last-minute scrambles to make changes.

Why It Matters:  Benefits are part of compensation.  Making it easy = employees feeling valued, which boosts morale.


Function #6: Employee Surveys (Beyond Basic Feedback)

Gut feelings don’t lead to data-driven HR. Automation makes surveys work harder:

  • Pulse Surveys: Short, frequent surveys (think a few questions) to gauge sentiment on specific topics, not just that annual monster survey.
  • Anonymity is Key: Get honest feedback when employees feel responses are confidential.
  • Visualize the Data: Software turns raw responses into easy-to-understand charts, highlighting trends quickly.

Why It Matters: Proactive HR = less crisis management. Catch small issues before they become major morale-killers.


Function #7: Training and Development (Learning Shouldn’t Be a Chore)

Investing in your people pays off big time.  Automation can level up your approach:

  • Course Libraries: A centralized hub for on-demand learning content, accessible anytime, cuts onboarding time.
  • Personalized Pathways: Software can recommend courses based on role, skill gaps, and an employee’s interests.
  • Gamification Wins: Add badges, points, and a dose of healthy competition to boost course completion rates.

Why It Matters:  Upskilling = Engaged Employees.  Plus, you can track who’s levelling up, revealing potential stars with this and above HR functions.


Function #8: Expense Reporting (Chasing Receipts is the Worst)

Outdated expense reports lead to frustrated employees and accounting headaches.

  • Digitize It: Employees snap photos of receipts, add notes, and submit them via an app. No more lost scraps of paper!
  • Automated Approvals: Set up multi-level approval workflows based on amounts, streamlining the process.
  • Data Delight: See spending patterns in real-time. Spot excessive spending BEFORE it tanks your budget.

Why It Matters: Efficient expense handling builds trust with employees and helps you control costs proactively with one of these HR functions.


HR automation isn’t about robots taking over. It’s about empowering your team to ditch the mundane and focus on the truly human side of HR: attracting top talent, building an amazing culture, and strategizing for your company’s success.  Ready to make the leap?

Important Note:  Choosing the right HR software is crucial!  Look for intuitive interfaces, reputable vendors, and solutions that integrate with your existing systems.


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