CPF Singapore: Understanding Contribution Changes Effective from 1 January 2025

cpf singapore

The Central Provident Fund (CPF) is a social security scheme in Singapore that plays a crucial role in supporting citizens and Permanent Residents (PRs) throughout their lives. Every year, the Singapore government reviews and adjusts CPF contribution rates to ensure the scheme’s sustainability and meet the evolving needs of the population. This blog delves into the key changes to CPF Singapore contributions taking effect from 1 January 2025.

CPF Singapore Contribution Overview

The CPF contribution scheme mandates mandatory contributions from both employers and employees. These contributions are channeled into three main accounts:

  • Ordinary Account (OA): Used for housing, education, investment, and medical needs.
  • Special Account (SA): Primarily for retirement savings.
  • MediSave Account (MA): Used for hospitalization and medical expenses.

Changes to CPF Contribution Rates for Employees

  • Increase for Senior Workers (Aged 55 to 65): The most significant change is the increase in CPF contribution rates for employees aged 55 to 65. The total contribution rate will rise by 1.5%, with a 0.5% increase in employer contributions and a 1% increase in employee contributions. This change aims to bolster retirement savings for senior workers.

Here’s a table summarizing the revised CPF contribution rates for employees aged 55 to 65 (effective 1 January 2025):


Age Combined CPF Contribution Rate (Before 1 Jan 2025) Combined CPF Contribution Rate (After 1 Jan 2025)
55 to 60 37% 38.5%
61 to 65 13% 14.5%


  • Important Note: The Special Account (SA) will be closed for employees aged 55 and above upon implementation of these changes. All future contributions for this age group will be directed towards the Ordinary Account (OA) until they reach the Full Retirement Sum (FRS). If an employee has already accumulated the FRS in their SA, any additional contributions will be channeled towards the Ordinary Account (OA).
  • No Change for Younger Employees and First & Second Year Singapore PRs: Contribution rates for employees below 55 years old and first and second-year Singapore PRs remain unchanged.

Changes to CPF Singapore Contribution Limits

  • CPF Annual Salary Ceiling Remains Unchanged: The annual salary ceiling for CPF contributions remains at $102,000. This means that CPF contributions will only be calculated on a maximum salary of $102,000, regardless of an employee’s actual annual income exceeding that amount.
  • Phased Increase in CPF Ordinary Wage Ceiling: The CPF Ordinary Wage (OW) ceiling, which limits the amount of wages subject to CPF contributions in a calendar month, will be gradually raised to $8,000 by 2026. This increase is being implemented in four phases to allow employers and employees to adjust accordingly. Here’s a breakdown of the phased increase:


Date CPF Ordinary Wage Ceiling
1 September 2023 $7,000
1 January 2024 $7,500
1 January 2025 $8,000 (Target)
(To be confirmed) $8,000 (Fully Implemented)

Impact of CPF Contribution Changes

The revised CPF contribution rates for senior workers will have a two-fold impact:

  • Increased Retirement Savings: The higher contributions will lead to a bigger retirement nest egg for senior workers, enhancing their financial security in their golden years.
  • Reduced Take-Home Pay: Employees aged 55 to 65 will experience a slight decrease in their take-home pay due to the increased employee contribution rate.

Staying Compliant with CPF Singapore

Understanding and adhering to the latest CPF Singapore contribution changes is crucial for both employers and employees. Here are some resources that can help:

How GOHRBPO Can Help?

Managing payroll and CPF contributions can be a complex task, especially with frequent regulatory changes. GOHRBPO, a leading provider of Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) solutions in Singapore, can help businesses navigate the new CPF contribution landscape.

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  • Payroll Processing: We handle your entire payroll process, including CPF deductions and remittances to the CPF Board.
  • Compliance Management: We stay updated on CPF regulations and advise you on any changes that may impact your business.
  • HR Expertise: Our team provides valuable HR guidance and support to ensure your company remains compliant with all CPF regulations.

Conclusion: Embrace the Changes & Secure Your Financial Future

The CPF contribution changes effective from 1 January 2025 aim to strengthen the retirement security of Singaporean citizens and PRs. By understanding these changes and utilizing the resources available, both employers and employees can ensure smooth implementation and compliance.

For businesses seeking expert support in managing payroll and CPF contributions, GOHRBPO can be your trusted partner. We offer comprehensive HRO solutions tailored to meet your specific needs, allowing you to focus on your core business activities while we handle the complexities of CPF administration.

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Together, let’s ensure a secure financial future for all!

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