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4 HR Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has been one of the key drivers behind significant workplace transformation that we could ever imagine. As 2021 begins with new hopes and aspirations, we will see radical changes in where we work, how we work, and technologies that keep us connected to customers and team members. The “new normal” of working remotely, collaborating online, learning, and building “inclusiveness” at the workplace has posed unprecedented challenges as well as lucrative opportunities for modern HR leaders.    

So, we have outlined the top 4 HR trends to keep an eye on in 2021. Get expert advice from an HR consultant to get your agenda ready for this year.

1. Employee Wellbeing Should be the Topmost Business Priority

According to studies, the global pandemic has been the biggest source of stress among employees. High worker burnout rate, unmanageable workloads, job insecurity, and lack of work-home separation are the impact that COVID-19 has on employees. As such, more HR leaders will be seen prioritizing worker wellbeing, with a focus on physical and emotional health, financial planning, recognition, career development, sustainability, team building, and more.

2. Hybrid Workplace to Gain Significance

Overnight switch to remote work has been the most visible change in 2020. In 2021, we can expect the trend to continue until the pandemic subsides. Despite that the world is adapting to the new normal and getting back on track, most organizations will typically follow a hybrid approach, ensuring improved employee flexibility.

3. Digital Tools to Balance Employee Wellness and Productivity

Amidst today’s work-from-home era, employees are facing tremendous pressure to deliver their best. Even employers are experiencing difficulty determining workforce productivity. As such, we would see a growing demand for new-generation technologies that enable HR leaders to track workplace interactions, KPIs and business outcomes in real-time.

4. Efficient Employee Experience with App-based HR Ecosystems

Most businesses are still operating remotely and with limited capacity. As such, they would need a self-service app-based HR ecosystem that will cover the entire employee lifecycle as well as offer a seamless experience.

With these top HR trends in your knowledge, ensure you have the best practices in place. Hiring professional human resource consulting services from GOHRBPO will empower your business with proven HR practices and the latest trends in payroll management, recruitment, HR advisory, and more.   


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