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How and Why Do Companies Outsource Recruitment?

Recruitment process outsourcing is a method of recruitment wherein you leave the job to a third-party recruitment firm rather than involve your in-house HR or any other employee. The outside firm takes complete responsibility for hiring qualified professionals, including calling for candidates, screening candidates, verifying references and selecting candidates based on your requirements.

The reasons why your organization must consider recruitment outsourcing include

1. No diversion from business:

Recruitment is a cumbersome process and can go lengthy involving many steps. It will keep calling for your attention which will deviate you from your expert area that is your core business.  Your employees can focus entirely on their basic tasks without any additional burden. It will also ensure an error-free and faster completion of the recruitment activity to your satisfaction.

2. Controls costs:

With a volatile market and a highly competitive environment, organizations look at ways of reducing expenses. Recruitment costs several things, including advertising on job portals, criminal checks, application tracking, referral verifications, interviews, training, and many similar. These costs can be much higher than what you pay for recruitment outsourcing. It also eliminates the need for an in-house recruitment team and any risk of the wrong hire.

3. Enhances quality of recruits:

Searching for qualified professionals is not easy, even if your company is a leader in your industry and offers the best salaries and perks. One primary reason for this is you are not searching in the right place. Recruiters keep track of professionals, and they know where to look for them. That is their primary business, and your in-house team cannot match their expertise.

4. High turnover rates:

Turnover rate is the percentage of new employees who leave within a specified period, i.e., one or two months of joining. Often, this is seen as a sign of problems with the company’s recruitment functioning. If such cases are high, it harms the reputation of the company.

Conclusion: Recruitment process outsourcing works for almost all companies regardless of their size or nature of business. It is a huge time saver for a business and allows owners to focus on what they understand best-their business.


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