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5 Reasons Why SMEs Should Outsource their HR Processes

On average, HR managers spend a whopping 50% time on manual data entry which is considered one of the primary hurdles to meeting deadlines. Furthermore, the lack of standardised HR tools, followed by a significant time spent on making manual adjustments, are the key challenges that HR managers face. Given that SMEs do not even have a dedicated HR team in many cases, outsourcing complex HR processes can help save time, reduce costs and improve productivity.

With reliable and efficient HR advisory and outsourcing company – GOHRBPO, small-and-medium enterprises can avail professional-grade Human Resource and Payroll management solutions that can help address their comprehensive employees’ needs.

Discussed here are 5 reasons why outsourcing HR processes is a lucrative proposition:

1. Fully Managed HR Functions onto Your Fingertips

For an SME, HR outsourcing does not necessarily mean you’d cut costs and outsource only an HR function that is most integral to your business. There are HR outsourcing companies that function as an extension of your in-house team, offering end-to-end services – leave claims, managing payroll, banking, tax filings, benefits, regulatory compliances and more. And most importantly, hiring professional HR services wouldn’t break your bank!

2. Empower Your Team with Automated HR & Payroll Solution

GOHRBPO provides a dedicated SaaS solution to SMEs, wherein you can manage a complete suite of human resources and payroll services from anywhere in the world and at any time. Outsourcing payroll helps automate and streamline the process, while you get continuous support for SaaS implementation.

3. Stay Compliant

Most small businesses never dare to switch from maintaining spreadsheets or manually writing paycheques. The process is prone to errors and may result in penalties due to non-compliance. Additionally, the Singapore government has made it mandatory for SMEs to provide full payslips to employees.

Outsourcing to an HR company that offers automated solutions can help (i) minimise the hassles of cumbersome manual calculations, (ii) factor in mandatory deductions and benefits in making salary slips and (iii) eliminate errors. This ensures you adhere to regulatory compliances.

4. Improve Employee Experience

Outsourcing HR processes and switching to automated solutions help free up more time which you can otherwise leverage for team-building exercises, training programmes, etc. This will help improve overall employee experience and job satisfaction.

5. Get Started Right Away

GOHRBPO offers reliable and accurate HR and payroll management solution that helps you implement it right away and get started.

Outsourcing HR functions to GOHRBPO has numerous advantages for SMEs, streamlining operations, reducing errors, improving performance and saving costs.         


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