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How Does Outsource Payroll Perform Better Than an In-House Team?

Entrepreneurs are often seen to fiddle with whether to go with in-house payroll or outsource it to the experts. Payroll might overwhelm an entrepreneur, but outsourcing can ease your task. The right choice will benefit your business.

Read on to understand the major differences between them.

Difference Between In-House Payroll and Payroll Outsourcing

There is more significance to payroll than just paying your employees, whether you have one employee or many. The following are the differences between in-house payroll and payroll outsourcing:

In-House Payroll

Rather than risking the information like the employee’s name, salary, social security number, and bank account information, you can analyse them yourself if you an in-house payroll team. Moreover, you do not have to pay for the payroll service of each employee to a third-party vendor.

Unfortunately, in-house payroll can distract you from other business priorities as it takes a lot of time to finish all the tasks. If you do not do it for yourself, then you need to pay a third-party employee.

Outsourcing Payroll

Singapore payroll services fulfil the responsibility of paying your employees and their payroll-related tax liabilities on time and accurately. Payroll outsourcing is time-efficient as it takes less time, and you can productively use your time in the revenue-generating function. 

Moreover, on-time payment to employees boosts their satisfaction resulting in the organisation’s growth as a whole.

The only thing is that you have to bear the cost per employee to pay for using the provider. Also, the service level might be impacted due to a lot of turnovers.

Which is the Best for You?

Both in-house and payroll outsourcing services handle the basic function of your organisation. Companies who wish to have control over the process, have someone to handle work, and do not want to spend extra can go for in-house payroll. Whereas, the companies worried about the complexity and want to hire an expert for maintaining accuracy can go for outsourcing payroll.


If you understand the basic difference between in-house and outsourcing payroll, you are wise enough to know that payroll outsourcing is definitely a better option. You can also surf the website of GOHRBPO to get top-notch payroll services.


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