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Get a free HR audit for a comprehensive system check-up!

What We Audit (The Deep Dive)

We go beyond the surface to identify hidden inefficiencies and ensure your HR system is compliant with the latest Singaporean regulations. Here's what we audit:

Payroll Accuracy & Compliance

We analyze payroll systems for errors, ensuring compliance with CPF, MPF, and other statutory deductions.

Benefits Administration

We assess the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of employee benefits programs, ensuring they meet your organization’s needs and budget constraints.

HR Policy Review

We examine existing HR policies for compliance with Singaporean labor laws, ensuring they are up-to-date and legally sound.

Record-Keeping Practices

We evaluate employee record-keeping systems, ensuring accuracy, data security, and compliance with relevant regulations.

The HR Audit Process (The Breakdown)

We make it easy, like a 1-2-3!


Our HR experts will conduct a thorough review of your HR system and payroll process.


We will present you with a comprehensive report outlining our findings and recommendations.


You will have a free consultation with our HR specialists to discuss the report and answer any questions.


There is no obligation to use our payroll outsourcing services after the audit.

Why We Deserve Your Trust?

Feature Other Payroll Service Provider GOHRBPO
Free HR Audit Not Included Yes, That’s our First Step
Expertise Varied levels of experience Years of Experienced HR & Payroll Professionals
Penalty Cost Coverage Not Included 100% Guaranteed Cost Coverage
Cost- Savings Limited focus on cost optimization Identify hidden costs & maximize savings through AI & efficiency
Free AI Services Offered with additional cost $600 worth FREE AI Resources
Free IRAS Tax Filing Not Included Yes, Guaranteed
Free 1 Month of Service Not Included Yes, Guaranteed
Peace of Mind Constant worry about errors & penalties Confidence in accurate & compliant payroll, backed by expert support

Gain Peace of Mind & Boost Your HR Efficiency with Us!

Identify Hidden Costs

Find those payroll gremlins hiding in your system and save money!

Reduce Risk of Non-compliance

Avoid hefty fines and penalties with our comprehensive audit.

Improve HR Efficiency

Streamlined processes & clear recommendations for a smoother HR experience.

Gain Valuable Insights

Receive a detailed report with actionable recommendations for improvement.

Get Expert Support

Access our team's knowledge & guidance to optimize your HR system.

Trusted by Global Companies

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"We are extremely pleased with the service support provided and the Payroll software provided. It is easy to use and easy to understand. The technical and customer service support is also very prompt and efficient. Thank you very much for making the adaptation process to the new software smooth and hassle-free."

Andrea Lim
Media Gates Pte Ltd

"After 5 years of using SME Payroll, we are extremely pleased with the service support and the payroll software provided by People Central Pte Ltd. It has significantly reduced our payroll processing time. It’s user friendly & efficient."

Hidehito Ie
Hasse Pte Ltd

"We have been using the service for a year now, From point of sales to the after sales service, the staff has been always helpful and responsive. Anytime we need clarification & assitance, its always handled consistently prompt, accurate & professinally."

N Shanti
KSB Singapore (Asia pasific) Pte Ltd.

"SMEPayroll is a very powerful tool and i thank the SME Payroll account manager for actively assisting me several times. The software is also regularly updated based on the requirements of Singapore law."

Lucas Seah
MD - Execllence Singapore

Are You Leaving This Behind?

That’s Not Right; Get Your FREE HR AUDIT with 1 Month of FREE Payroll Outsourcing Service Too!


What does a Free HR Audit cover?

Our Free HR Audit offers a comprehensive review of your HR system, focusing on areas like:

  • Payroll accuracy and compliance with CPF, MPF, and other statutory deductions.
  • Effectiveness and cost-efficiency of your employee benefits programs..
  • Compliance of your HR policies with Singaporean labour laws.
  • Security and accuracy of your employee record-keeping practices.
  • Efficiency of your internal controls to minimize risks of fraud and errors.

How long does a Free HR Audit take?

The initial consultation and data gathering typically take less than an hour. Our HR professionals will then analyze the data and provide a detailed report with actionable recommendations within a few business days.

Is there any obligation after the Free HR Audit?

Absolutely not! The Free HR Audit is designed to provide valuable insights into your HR system. There is no pressure to use our services after the audit.

What happens if the Free HR Audit identifies areas for improvement?

Our HR team will discuss their findings and recommendations with you in detail. We offer various HR services (optional) to address the identified areas and help you streamline your HR processes for optimal efficiency and compliance.